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Rediscover Yourself

At Shridha Wellness we have been catering to our clients with various therapy with exfoliation, massage and therapeutic mask for rough, dry, clogged, pigmented and aged skin on the body to make the rest of the body look as good as your face.

We have a team of young and enthusiastic Thai therapists with required international training and experience of more than 15+ years cumulatively of treating customers to the utmost satisfaction level of relaxation.

A specially designed signature massage with the best relaxing and rejuvenating strokes. It involves a series of body stretches (Thai massage) followed with a full body oil massage.

A scrub will actually help to remove all the dead skin off your body and expose a supple layer of younger skin, making you feel fresh and rejuvenated. A body scrub is the best way to remove a skin tan.

The polyphenols in cocoa delay the ageing process, causing you to look younger. The skin takes on a smooth glow as it gets moisturized and hydrated during the procedure. Dead skin cells are exfoliated. The scent of chocolate releases endorphins and causes you to feel happy. The pores of the skin get detoxified.

Gentle massage strokes on the head scalp to stimulate the nerves, loosen up tight muscles, relax superficial tissues, and remove stress both emotionally and physically. This alternative medical treatment to soothe and heal physical and emotional problems due to stress and fatigue.

The soothing effect on the sensory nerve endings in the skin. It can also stimulate spinal nerves, producing feelings of invigoration. It increases blood circulation to the areas being massaged, promoting healing. By stimulating lymphatic drainage, it will help to eliminate toxins.

Massage technique stimulating the reflex points on the feet representing various organs in the body helping improve their physiological functions.

The treatment is done by 2 messieurs in a synchronized manner. It's a soothing pain and discomfort, enhancing the capacity for calm and creative thinking, reducing anxiety levels, boosting the immune system, re-establishing emotional balance, and alleviating tension and stiffness. In addition, therapeutic massage remains one of the best ways for relieving stress and rejuvenating the mind and body.

The massage therapist uses long strokes that are performed in a rhythmic manner.It is a powerful massage that restores vitality. It balances the body in a wholesome manner. The body loosens up with every massage strokes and manipulation of each pressure point with the acupressure and reflexology method. The aroma of therapeutic herbs is used specifically in soothing and calming the emotion of the client.

Unwind yourself with a full body massage using rich blend essential oils. The aroma oils relaxes the senses directly, gives you the experience of deep meditation along-with a healing touch.

Deep Tissue Massage is a quite strong massage involving a lot of work on Muscles. It is a essential massage for people who do a lot of physical work and exercise. It removes tightness & soreness in the muscles and recharges you.

A European Massage technique developed in the 18th Century in Sweden. It is a bouquet of fine muscular manipulations stimulating the nervous system using kneading, tapping and picking movements and giving utmost relaxation.

Thai Massage originated in India 2500 years back. Its known as lazy man’s Yoga Massage. Muscle compression, joint mobilization, and acupressure are also used during treatment.

Almond & Fruit base creams both gives soothing & conditioning benefits, leaving the skin cleansed, moisturised, toned & relaxed.

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